New Production 2020

Stuck is the new creation of the choreographer Wanda Moretti and the musician Marco Castelli on the theme of biodiversity.
Our ongoing curiosity and attraction for explosive frequencies, the balance fragiles, sudden impact, states of emergency will be some of the themes in the context of this creation.
Contrasting between a delicate and powerful approach, we explore the reaction of the body,  everything on the vertical plane is used to produce a intricate vocabulary within a state of animal, that seems ‘stucking the body’.

Stuck  it's time when animals stop, it's an apparent halt, they use it to attack, to camouflage themselves, to wait for something, to bite, for fear, for love.
The image of the human being in the city architectures produce for us the idea of “soft bodies in hard places” [Jonathan Burrows]. These fascinations arose out of a desire to reflect the physical relationship we have with the cities and also by the need to anchor the dance in a real place. If you push and pull the space it works well, on the vertical plane you can allow yourself not to make any decisions about where you go, the architecture that surrounds you it will support mou, and the body will only have to dance.