Marco Castelli, is one of the most talented italian sax players, with a briliant and prolific carrer with a broad artistic activity.
In his long career he has travelled without prejudice across many different musical languages, highlighting the qualities present in each form of expression and always pursuing a very personal sound, free of clichés but rich in emotions and atmospheres.
Beside writing and performing jazz music, he's a conductor of orchestra and a composer for theatre and modern ballet, and, as a sound designer, he has creatively interacted with various media: poetry, video art, visual arts.
He has partecipated in international jazz festivals like Singapore Art Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Boemia Jazz Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Atene Jazz, San Sebastian collaborating with a lot of prestigious artists like Lee Konitz, Markus Stockhausen, Philip Catherine and many others.

Marco Castelli has brought his music all over the world: Singapore , Canada , Thailand, Senegal, Tanzania, Morocco, Tunisia, Brazil, Venezuela , Jamaica , Mexico , Argentina, Perù , Guatemala, Uruguay , Israel , Jordan , Danmarc, Finland, Estonia , Greece , Portugal , Lithuania , Germany , France , Spain , Austria , Hungary , Croazia , Slovenia, Romania, Ceck Republic.

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