To the moon and back is the new performance by Wanda Moretti, inspired by Surrealism. Magritte, De Chirico, Dalí, Kush are some of the painters from whom we drew inspiration for dramaturgy and costumes. Nature and Dream are the common thread of a sequence of choreographic actions, with the intent to show a different reality that exists in an untouchable universe. Reality is as ineffable as a dream that mingles with the depths of our unconscious.

The idea of costumes inspired by some surrealistic paintings and texts allowed us to work on a series of short choreographies that we can present in differentiated 'sets'. Costumes were made by the Corso di Laurea in Design of the University of San Marino.

This performance is designed to be presented particularly in the woods, among trees, in rural areas, embankments, river banks. It can be itinerant.

The show is accompanied by music played by Marco Castelli.