New production in 2016 - Forme Uniche
Vertical Dance and Live Music meet Video

The main inspiration for this new work is "Unique Forms of Continuity in Space" - the masterpiece by sculptor Umberto Boccioni.

A production that literally carves itself into the place in which it takes place and together, with a video projection, creates a scenario of great visual impact, an immersive experience where the visual is scenography of light along with a street mapping generative that personalizes the place of performance and makes it unique. Difficult to place into genres and categories, the show mixes bodies, architecture and sound, exploring the relationships and boundaries between performance and installation.

A poetic structure with bodies suspended in mid-air, hovering several metres above the ground, in a new relationship with space. The dance goes towards a scenic metaphor of the lost people, the things that are lost but not without return, an eternal fish. "Unique Forms" talks about this time, when you can get lost in an instant. During the performance time, when the theme is built around the action, the audience is encouraged to listen to themselves as a starting point, because to listen and to trust is a leap into the unknown. A show that questions the cyclical nature of things. A production that literally carves itself into the place in which it takes place and together with the video projection creates a visually striking landscape. The dancing body, (its only form), the volume of which is connected to the space, is nothing but a suggestion, a form of motion that appears for a moment and then becomes lost in the infinite succession of its varieties.

The costumes, designed by Lemuria, and innovative Furoshiki shoes by Vibram come into play and complete the creation of forms, establishing a sense of the contemporary in an exemplary manner.

Il Posto Vertical Dance Company + Marco Castelli Small Ensemble

concept and choreogrphy Wanda Moretti
music for sax & live electronics Marco Castelli
wall performers Elena Annovi, Simona Forlani
video scenography Yan Liang by
video editing Gigi Coppola by Bizcuit
costume designer Lemuria
shoes Furoshiki by Vibram
outfit Singing Rock
production Il Posto 2016, Forte Marghera, Venice

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