Il Posto Vertical Dance & Live Music 2016

Il Posto Vertical Dance & Live Music 2016 The Company Il Posto originated in Venice in 1994 from the partnership between choreographer Wanda Moretti and musician Marco Caselli, who have since pursued with rigor and style their own artistic project, creating productions of scenic writing that blends dance, architecture and music.

The written choreography by Wanda Moretti has two basic elements: vertical dance, understood as a body moving vertically as the first source of inspiration, and the sound assigned to the compositions by Marco Castelli. The central role of architecture is the thread that distinguishes each show.

The company Il Posto, Italian testimony of vertical dance, has for years been the star of magical and impressive events. Aerobatics, the poetic performance and all the charm of the music composed for the shows have filled the skies over much of the world, from Brazil to Singapore, Thailand to Paris, Qatar to Finland.

Il Posto have developed into different choreographies on the facades of buildings, bridges, towers, lighthouses, cloisters, historical palaces, but also theatres, museums and industrial buildings.

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