Aerial performance

HILL SPHERE is a new aerial dance creation by choreographer Wanda Moretti and by musician  Marco Castelli, a performance with 6 dancers.
The idea came about from the notion that performance places are also “spaces” that we can create together with dance. It is thus no longer a creation for a specific space but for any place, whether on the banks of a river, on a beach or in the middle of a road. The body reaches outside of itself and creates alternative places. “The Hill Sphere” is an expression borrowed from physics and indicates the space of gravitational influence in relation to another body. Any movement that we decide to make requires our body to resolve a problem of dynamic balance moment by moment in which the functions of the nervous, muscular and skeletal system are perfectly integrated. Any alteration of these systems leads to a modification of gravity which our movement has to integrate and accommodate.
The performative act thus enters into a dialogue with the surrounding volumes, creating a ‘morphing’ that interweaves with the environments in a relationship that is always new.
It is an action in the transversal space which connects the earth to the air and allows us to move new levels and multiply the reachable space.
Accommodating, welcoming someone or something; accommodating is an opening: what is being accommodated or welcomed is allowed to enter – a home, a group, ourselves. Accommodating means putting yourself out there, and in this it expresses a further nuance in relation to the supreme good manners of hospitality – which of course can also be merely good manners. Those who accommodate make something of themselves participate: they offer themselves, opening up towards the other and becoming one with them. Accommodating does not have behavioural codes, nor does it have a rulebook that you can follow. The Hill Sphere means reciprocal accommodation: between the person opening the door to their home and the person crossing its threshold.

2018 Romaeuropa Festival - Il Posto Danza Verticale

La sfera di Hill 2017 - I°

Hill, Aarhus