Vertical Dance Centre is the first space in Italy entirely devoted to the support, promotion and development of professional vertical dance and performance practice. It is a space of creativity and exchange, research and practice, artistic development and innovation. It is a meeting point for local and international vertical dancemakers.

The Centre is the result of the development of vertical dance in the last 15 years in Europe, it is situated in Via Lazzarini 12, in Marghera-Venice, Italy.
Il Posto VDC is a founding member of European Vertical Dance Centers Network, co-founded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Il Posto Vertical Dance Centre operates in the following artistic programmes:

  • Dance, research, production studio and home for Il Posto Dance Company;
  • A professional support programme for professional dancers through classes, workshops, artistic residence and performance opportunities. Providing over intensive workshops, seminars for advanced and professional dancers, Vertical Dance Course (annual) and workshops for beginners throughout the year;
  • Module for Vertical Dance Teachers (Application Open)
  • An inclusive participation programme working with groups with a wide range of interests and abilities. We do vertical dance to secondary schools, university students and young refugees. We also bring groups of citizens to our studio for classes or to watch our company rehearsals.
  • We offer Vertical Dance Residences for National and International artists and Companies (Application by December).

Building description
Vertical Dance Centre in Marghera was an industrial warehouse we transformed in our main centre very well fitted and specialized for vertical dance.
10 meters high, rigging for 20 lines of ropes, 2 wooden walls, 1 concrete wall, 12 suspended ropes, apparatus for counter-balance with pulleys.  
In the centre area there are a kitchen, music studio, office, video and meeting room, 2 changing rooms, 2 bathrooms.

Video showreel of the teaching activities.

Santa Croce 468b - 30135 Venice, Italy
Vertical Dance Centre, Via Lazzarini 12, Marghera VE, Italy
e-mail -
ph +39 347 8050819